Have you ever noticed when you are reading articles or watching movies or TV shows, that some things seem to resonate more than others?  I notice that certain things that I read or experience seem to jump right out at me.  These things seem as if they are speaking right to me.  It is almost if someone is sending me a message–because the timeliness is uncanny.

This month, everything seems to be about sticking to the fundamentals.  As I was watching the lead up to the Super Bowl I could not help but reflect on the superiority of the Patriot organization. No matter which side you were rooting for you have to admire the dedication and discipline of Tom Brady and the Patriot organization to execute their plan and focus on the fundamentals.

As a sales professional, I find it very tempting to find new ways to do things.  I think about different ways to market myself. I try untested public speaking topics to see how they work, and I am constantly looking at what’s the “new” way of reaching the prospects I want to talk to. This is most evident every time I go to a networking event, especially one that I attend on a regular basis. I turn on my creative brain to find new ways to change up my 30 second commercial.

What I have realized is that the magic really comes when the basics are being performed with brilliance.  Networking generates prospects because I execute a great 30 second commercial and the right conversation happens.  Connections get made because I have honed my skill and do an exceptional job of painting the right picture for my connector, which then generates meetings because my connector knows who to and how to introduce me. I am clear in my message of what the process looks like for my prospect.  I make it easy for my prospect to want to take the next step if it makes sense for them. Clients refer business because I execute asking for the introduction and again make it easy for them to connect me.

If I am going to be exceptional in my sales process that means I have to plan and practice like I am playing in the Super Bowl. I think for most of us this is where we go awry. We have the intention to practice, we have the intention to plan but we “get busy” and do not spend the time it takes to really understand what it will take to get to our goals.

We set the goal and create the vision board and we feel good about it and really believe it’s going to happen but most of us underestimate the effort it will take and the daily behaviors we will need to execute to achieve the goal.

We are at the beginning of a new year and I would encourage you to spend some time evaluating your goal and how you will hone your plan and build your skill to execute and be brilliant.