Rick Spencer is a 25 year information technology veteran having pioneered new technologies for nearly two dozen Fortune 500 companies.  He started his career developing web sites during the .com surge.  Then in 1999 he developed transaction processing software for ATMs as his foray into the financial sector.  Over the last 20 years Rick has broadened his exposure to enterprise-grade initiatives including developing the loyalty point program for Visa, a wholesale digital auction for nation-wide vehicle wholesaling and was directly involved in developing the e-file system for corporate digital tax submission via Thomson Reuters.

Recently, Rick has been more engaged in the crypto world.  As a serial entrepreneur, his vision to bring the stability of the traditional markets into the blockchain space is being realized through new crypto offerings and investor education.  His passion and experience in technology, finance, and business sets him in a position to discern, articulate, and influence alternative stores of value in the decade ahead.

Presentation Topic:  A Crypto Rollup for the Traditional Entrepreneur

The world of cryptographic technologies on the blockchain is a topic of which every entrepreneur should be familiar.  For those who have not yet engaged the topic over the last decade, a summary would be most profitable.  In this rollup, we will discuss what crypto is, how it has been used, and explore a few of its possible applications and opportunities moving forward.

Key Terms:

Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, Token, Wallet, Exchange, Network, Side Chain, Store of Value, Gas Fees, ERC Standards, Consensus Algorithm, Web3, Bitcoin, Ethereum

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August 2, 2022

11:30 pm – 1:00 pm

The meeting opens at 11:30
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Brookhaven Country Club

3333 Golfing Green Dr.

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