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The Dream Team Women’s Network was founded in September 2010. Success of our network is solely dependent upon the engagement of the members. Networking requires commitment. We as a team are responsible for complying with the policies and procedure of the organization, as set forth in the Dream Team Women’s Network Policies and Procedures.

Policies and Procedures

Only female professionals are eligible to be members of the Dream Team Women’s Network.

Members participate by bringing referrals to other members and invited qualified visitors to the monthly meetings. Every member is responsible for bringing three (3) guests during each 12 month period.

The annual membership dues are $150 per year, payable by the March Meeting. Upon joining the Group, membership dues will be prorated for the first year, and all members’ renewal dues will be payable by the first Tuesday of January. Each monthly meeting includes lunch at a cost of $25. If a member misses a meeting, the member will be responsible for paying the $25 monthly fee on or before the date of the next meeting. Upon missing two consecutive meetings membership will be reviewed by the Board.

The renewal process includes annual membership of $150 and $25 per monthly lunch meeting. We encourage members to make a one-time payment of $450 ($150 + $300 (12x$25)) in January helping to expedite member and guest check in subsequent months.

A unique aspect of Dream Team Women’s Network is the selection and support of a charity each year. It is expected all members participate in the selection process by voting and supporting the selected charity by participating in numerous activities throughout the year. Specifically we expect each member participate in the Annual Cocktail Event by attending, inviting guests and providing a raffle donation of at least $75 or an in-kind contribution. If a member is unable to attend the Annual Cocktail Event, it’s expected that they still purchase a ticket to support the event. Additional, optional,  opportunities offered throughout the year require member support.

Member participation is the greatest single factor in the success of this group. All members are expected to schedule 1 on 1’s with other members monthly in addition to attending the monthly lunch meeting.

Only one woman from each professional specialty that represents their primary occupation (not a part-time business) is accepted to join the Dream Team.  Prior to extending an offer of membership to any prospective member, the following must occur:

  1. The prospect shall attend a Dream Team lunch meeting to meet the group; and not more than two (2) meetings without submitting an application for membership.
  2. The prospect shall submit an application to the membership committee. The membership committee shall review the member’s application and ensure her professional specialty does not conflict with any current members.
  3. The prospect will subsequently meet with two members of the Board, who will vote on the prospective new member at the next board lunch after the prospect has met the qualifications for membership.
  4. The VP of Membership or a Membership committee member will notify the prospective member of the board decision.

Dream Team Women’s Network Board and Committees

The Board meets monthly to to act as a steering committee for the organization, review prospective new members and discuss upcoming plans and events. The Board Leadership will be reviewed every year.  Members who wish to may apply to the President for consideration. In the event a member of the Board can no longer serve, the President will appoint a replacement for the remainder of her term.

The Board’s Executive Officers consist of the President, President-Elect, VP of Programs, VP of Membership, VP of Philanthropy, VP of, Treasurer and Secretary. The Past President is also a part of and a voting member of the Board for the year following her Presidency.  Additionally, there are committees which have committee chairs and members.

These committees include:

  • Membership, who helps greet guests at meetings and gather needed information from new members
  • Programs, who help plan out and run the year’s programs during the monthly lunches
  • Philanthropy, who plan and execute the annual auction event and any other events that occur on behalf of the selected charity
  • Social, who plans 1 – 2 social events for the membership, and also is part of the auction event committee
  • Treasury, who helps with check in, membership dues and works with the Secretary for follow up to members.


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