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Family Compass

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(214) 370-9810

OUR MISSION - Building healthy families and a strong North Texas community by preventing child abuse and neglect. MAKING A DIFFERENCE - Family Compass enters the lives of vulnerable children at-risk for abuse and supports their parents with one-on-one education, encouragement, and parenting tools. Our agency has a holistic, wrap-around approach and offers a continuum of care. We know why child abuse and neglect happen, the root causes being: a lack of parenting skills, high stress, and poor conditions in the home and environment. We create sustainable change that flows into future generations and permanently breaks cycles of abuse. Family Compass ultimately increases resilience, self-esteem, social connection, emotional health, and stability for children. PROVEN RESULTS - The CDC estimates that it costs society $831,000 per case to address child abuse over the lifetime of the child. As such, Family Compass saves the community millions of dollars each year by keeping hundreds of children out of the overburdened CPS system, most importantly preventing the trauma of child abuse and neglect.

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