Andrea McShane

Andrea McShane

Owner, McShane Concierge


McShane Concierge

Contact Number

(214) 497-1999

McShane Concierge exists as a solution to solve an enormous and growing problem, “time poverty.” The majority of Americans are stressed out over not having enough time. Additionally, most of our precious time is spent doing tasks that have to be done rather than what we want to do. My purpose is to do them for you and liberate your time and energy for what matters most. The company specializes in project management, event planning, organization, travel arrangements, general errands, and concierge services suitable for any lifestyle. McShane Concierge provides assistance, offers creative solutions, alleviates the stress of being over committed and restores balance to your life. Live life to the fullest and don’t be a victim of “time poverty!”

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