Lisa Caldwell

Lisa Caldwell

Providing Strategic Management , Cornerstone CFO, LLC


Cornerstone CFO, LLC

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(214) 616-5678

Lisa is a senior-level executive with 35 years of experience contributing to entity integrity, expansion, and overall success through outstanding financial, project, and talent management expertise. She is an accomplished specialist in financial analysis, accounting operations, and office administration with a proven track record for leading through periods of both expansion/enhancing profits and enhancing profits/reducing costs. Lisa exhibits an impressive work ethic and a passion for excellence with a gift for building strong and talented teams and mentoring/motivating staff. Lisa has worked in a variety of industries including hospitality/restaurant, service, and retail, ranging from $19M to $5B, with expertise in medium-sized, closely-held entities. She is a skilled collaborator with owners, management, bankers, external auditors, outside legal counsel, and other stakeholders. She is well versed in both "rolling up her sleeves" to coach/mentor staff and working with executives at the "20,000 views" to analyze the big picture. Lisa is a licensed CPA in the state of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Texas A&M - College Station. Her home is in Dallas, TX where she is active in her church and community. She and her husband have 5 children, 3 grandchildren, and 2 dogs. She enjoys travel, spin class, yoga, neighborhood walks, and most of all, time with her family.

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