Ann Massey Badmus

Ann Massey Badmus

Attorney, Partner, Badmus & Associates


Badmus & Associates

She represents immigration clients worldwide. Ann believes immigration is the American way and keeps our country strong by the positive contributions of our immigrant business owners, professionals, advocates, and community leaders. As part of her advocacy for immigrants, she founded the Immigrant Journey Awards to spotlight outstanding immigrant contributions. She also founded the Immigrant Entrepreneur Network to foster and support immigrant entrepreneurship in the U.S. Ann is a partner in the immigrant advocacy organization, New American Economy, and a member of the Dallas Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs Task Force. Her advocacy and professional efforts have helped hundreds of clients in Asian communities achieve their American Dream. Ann has authored a book and has been featured as an immigrant expert on numerous TV and radio news programs. Her honors include Best Lawyers in U.S. List, Best Lawyers in Dallas by D Magazine, Icons of Humanity Best Immigration Lawyer of the Year award, and Alumni Wall of Fame award from the University of Delaware.

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